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Date: 6 Dec 2005
Scientists who have emigrated from developing countries to work abroad can help address the brain drain with even short visits to their countries of origin (Hailemeskel Bisrat, 2005). Even small actions, when added together, can make major impacts on the lives of individuals and scientists in African nations.

It is a fact that an increasing number of African specialists have migrated to the north over the past three decades, while we may also agree that due to imbalances in working conditions between African laboratories and those of developed countries, many African scientists will continue to migrate abroad, however simple interventions can be made to balance the situation.
The Network of African Scientists is one of those simple interventions which aims to connect all scientists of Africa , working within the region and outside the region. The network realizes the struggles which most of the African laboratories are going through in order to access new information or materials to support their research work. The network will act as a platform of information exchange between the African scientists working abroad and those working on the African soil. We all know the power of the Internet and how it can turn tables on the good way around, if well managed for the benefit of those lacking latest information in many different fields.

In his speech the former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela said " Africa is beyond bemoaning the past for its problems. The task of undoing that past is on the shoulders of African leaders themselves, with the support of those willing to join in a continental renewal. We have a new generation of leaders who know that Africa must take responsibility for its own destiny, that Africa will uplift itself only by its own efforts in partnership with those who wish her well."
The Network of African Scientists will join all African scientists who are willing to renew the continents science through sharing of information and forming new partnerships in different fields of science. Any scientists willing to join hands in this Network should subscribe to the following site

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