Friday, June 5, 2009


Have we ever asked why do fish move in groups aka schools or shoaling behavior.

No No No the sheep are best at it, when one makes it into the M1 road, yes in Malawi all of them will follow. But, why? If you can not answer this question by studying these mogastrics then that is why our study system the cichlids are the coolest. Yes they are the toughest they can tell you many of the amazing behaviour we have in animal kngdom.

A study published in Current Biology Journal on 29 th Jan 09, tells it all. The secrete is they do their social work best when they are in groups than go it alone stuff. So do not say I did not tell you, social insects also knows these best, ask the bees, fire ants, flying ants ect.

From a blog at the scientist web, here is what they had to say on stickle backs.

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